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Inflatable flocked lounge / chair

  Inflatable Chair / Lounge


Every once in a while a product comes along that makes you say 'What a great idea'. The inflatable Lounge / Chair is just that kind of product. It is a comfortable chair that can be instantly transformed into a luxurious lounge. Simply fold the cushion under the chair for a comfortable raised seat. Simply unfold it, and voila!, a lounge. This inflatable chair has a flocked surface, adding to it's already plentiful comfort. This inflatable chair is great to have on hand for extra seating. Be sure to add an air pump to make the set up of your chair even easier. It also makes a great gift.


  • Folding design.

  • Quality and durable I-Beam construction.

  • Converts from a chair to a lounge and vice-versa.

  • Size: 40" X 78" X 26" | Ship Weight - 12 lbs.


Inflatable flocked lounge / chair

Price: $35.99


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As a Chair

It's a Chair


As a Lounge


It's a Lounge




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